Lavish Bathroom Ideas

With Utopia Bathrooms, you select your required style (modern, contemporary, traditional) and from there you decide on the colours of your doors, carcass, plinth & worktop plus basin style, number of storage units, handle type...and more! This truly is bespoke to each and every customer. No two customer selections are the same.

Your furniture is then assembled to your required specification at Utopia's head office in Wolverhampton, UK. Then shipped to us and delivered direct to you. Our expert installers can then fit your furniture, as per your original design - for you to enjoy. Or, we also provide a 'supply only' service for you to self-fit or use the plumber of your choice!

Utopia also supply a number of different styles of taps, mirrors and tiles to compliment your brand new bespoke bathroom.

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Ceramic is one of the best choices for covering walls because it is highly resistant and easy to clean. Ceramic wall tiles offer multiple decorative possibilities for homes or surfaces in large public buildings.

PORCELANOSA Group has an extensive catalogue of ceramic models that includes original relief designs and collections that evoke natural materials such as marble or wood.

Natural Stone

Stone is perhaps the most ancient construction material known to man and has been used for building and decoration since the pre-historic age.

With outstanding hardness and resistance, PORCELANOSA Group, through L’Antic Colonial, extracts and works stone from its original state to create a rich variety of tones and formats with multiple areas of application: flooring and Wall tiles, countertops, washbasins, bathtubs, etc.

To achieve an even better finish, L’Antic Colonial applies an advanced treatment to this natural material to protect it. Bioprot is an innovative nanotechnology treatment that is applied to stone to give it added antibacterial properties with a coating that is hygienic and safe for your home.

Metal Effect Tiles

The shine of metal has always been highly valued for its power of attraction; everything from delicate pieces of jewellery to the most varied decorative elements, have been bathed in the shimmer of its reflections.

PORCELANOSA Group also incorporates this trend into its flooring and Wall tiles by using pieces with metal inlays, such as the Gold and Metal mosaic collections by L’Antic Colonial, and ceramic collections that faithfully simulate the characteristics of precious metals or the rusted reflections of aged metal surfaces, such as the Metalis collection by Venis.


Crosswater Premium

Crosswater supply an extensive range of furniture, brassware, showers and ceramic.

From effortless curves to modern straight lines - Crosswater premium offer an extensive range of different bathroom furniture with lots of useful storage. The brassware collection has something for everyone! If you like a bit of Hollywood bling in your bathroom or modern designer styles, you're sure to find something that will suit your selected bathroom design. And the collection of showering options is sure to have you spoilt for choice! 

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Crosswater Website

Hurlingham - South Lincolnshire

At Hurlingham our quest is to offer an exquisite product, while creating individual refinement.

We at Hurlingham pride ourselves on attention to detail, to deliver unsurpassed quality of excellence.

Made from classic and authentic materials, such as cast iron, copper, brass, stainless steel and even marble, all products within the Hurlingham range are handcrafted.

We believe quality and craftsmanship are paramount. For this reason, Hurlingham craftsmen produce the highest standards possible.

While every bath is crafted and finished by hand, variations will occur which is why each piece is distinctive.

Due to natural and environmental factors of ageing, use, maintenance, and inevitably, the authentic characteristics of the material, surface textures will be visible.

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