Kitchen Tiling

Floor, Wall & Splashbacks

Since we started working with Porcelanosa, we have found that we are asked more and more for tiles that can be fitted in other parts of the home - not just a bathroom.

The tiles are available in many different colours, textures and materials - plus many different sizes - that are all suitable for a kitchen. And we can also supply you with underfloor heating - so your bare feet won't get cold! It's easy to install and you can opt for a digital wall-mounted control panel too.

Just call us and we will be able to give you a quote based on your requirements.

We have included many different style ideas in our gallery below.


Dining Space Tiling

Wood-Plank Tiling

It seems to be a little unique for tiles to be anywhere but the bathroom and kitchen spaces in our homes - but we are seeing the trends shift now to show tile applications in the main living areas of the home too.

Tiles are a perfect solution for all areas of the home - simply because they are hard-wearing, durable and come in such a huge variety of styles, colours and textures.

Just imagine your dining room floor tiled in Porcelanosa's Smartwood  plank tiles, with underfloor heating. There are so many tonal colours to choose from that there's a colour for everyone. Whether you want a Scandi, ski chalet feel or a warm cottage style - there's a product suitable for you. And with the underfloor heating making it cosy under-foot, you'll never know that they are tiles! Families are finding they are looking at choosing a hard floor over carpets these days - simply for the cleaning and overall convenience. You'll be able to sweep, mop, scrub and wipe them - which will not affect the finish. Carpets wouldn't ever put up with so much abuse!

And with the wood plank tiles being so stylish, you can even use them on the walls in a living area too. Giving you a chic & clean finish to your room. And for open-plan living, these areas will flow perfectly into each other.

Just call us with all your details and we can put a quote together for you. Or if you would like to pop into the showroom, you can see the range of colours and textures available, in person.


Bedroom & Living Room Tiling...



It may seem a little obscure at first but if you think about it, tiles are actually very practical in a bedroom and you can also make a headboard feature with some stunning textured tiles.

Living Rooms


Located in the central part of the house, living rooms have become the epicentre of family and social get togethers. As well as that, the living room is considered as the best place for leaving  the daily routine behind.

In cosy warm colours, Porcelanosa can compliment your décor perfectly to create a perfect place to unwind.