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Bespoke Bathroom Design

Your perfect bathroom, professionally designed exclusively for you - using the latest design software. Choose the bath you love, the basin you've had your eye on and provide us with your measurements. We'll put a design together for you and then invite you to pop in to finalise your requirements. Or, better still, we can pop out to you and do all the measuring for you! Then we can design your bathroom and pop back round with the designs for you to tweak, as required.

Home improvement has never been so simple!

Stunning Showroom Displays

Visit our beautiful showroom - offering an abundance of ideas. From an indulgent freestanding bath to a full shower enclosure. We have so much to offer. And the showroom is growing daily! We have new displays being added all the time so chances are, you'll see something new next time you pop in.

Relax in our Design Snug

Enjoy a relaxed buying experience with no pressure. Enjoy a fresh coffee or a cup of tea while seated in comfort in our design snug. Or (during the nicer weather!) you can sit outside with a drink & browse through our brochures. With the assistance of our designer, you can discuss all your bathroom needs & check out colour swatches, while you relax.

Purchasing a New Bathroom - Showroom compared to Online

People often come in asking what the benefits are of purchasing from us, as a showroom - as opposed to ordering online. For us, the main answer is simple...customer service.

We aim to provide the highest levels of customer service - from the moment you, the customer, steps into our relaxing showroom to the first shower you take or bubble bath you run, in your brand new bespoke bathroom.

We also provide a complete measure and design service - to ensure your required storage/shower/basin etc requirements are catered for. We take the hard work out of planning the layout and sizes of the products you require. There are so many different elements that need to be considered, that a skilled knowledge of bathrooms & fitting is a major part of being able to furnish a bathroom successfully. We have the knowledge, software and professional installers on board to be able to do this, to an extremely high standard. When you sit in our design snug with the designer to go through your design, we take all of your comments and preferences on board and will change your design to perfectly suit you and fit your requirements. And we will do this as often and for as long as it takes to ensure your end design, and ultimately your finished bathroom, is exactly as you envisage it to be.

There is also the accessability of our large showroom, which is a huge plus point for us. You will see by looking through our website that we have a large selection of displays which are changed seasonally to ensure a 'fresh' look each time you visit. We also do more than just bathrooms - so you can take your time to browse our beautiful displays as well as admiring the huge amount of artwork we have in our gallery space, from local artists. Or test out the delights of the latest Neals Yard Organic Skincare products.

So - we take the stress out of the measuring, designing, ordering, delivering & fitting of your bathroom. What if there are any issues with the products themselves? Here at the showroom, we will contact the supplier to arrange the replacement/repair of any damaged or faulty goods. All you need to do is call us and we will make all the necessary arrangements for you. There's no call centres, emailing, waiting in for deliveries, returning of goods or dealing with a distant person - whom you'll never meet! We are here to help - in person. And most of the time, you won't even be aware if a product arrives damaged - as we will rectify this before you're even aware of it. Taking this hassle out alone is worth everything when you are having a new bathroom fitted.

All in all, the main answer is that the personal touch we offer is second-to-none and you will receive the best service we can possibly provide you with. Oh, and you'll receive a lovely thank you gift from us too!

If you would like to book a measure up to experience our outstanding service for yourself, simply drop us an email, pop in or give us a call and we will schedule a suitable date & time.

Best Regards, The Lavish Bathrooms Team

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